Measurement, Control and Protection in Smart Grid Energy Management Systems for Smart Buildings in a Smart City

Webinar: Measurement, Control and Protection in Smart Grid Energy Management Systems for Smart Buildings in a Smart City

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Saifur Rahman, Director, Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute, USA, IEEE Power & Energy Society President 2018-2019, IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer

Date/Time: Thursday, July 30, 2020, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm EDT

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Abstract – Smart grid is a modern electric system with its architecture, communications, sensors, measurements, automation, computing hardware and software for improvement of the efficiency, reliability, flexibility and security. In particular, the smart grid, when fully deployed, will facilitate the (i) increased use of digital information and measurement, control & protection technologies, (ii) deployment and grid-integration of distributed energy resources (DERs), (iii) operation of demand response and energy efficiency programs, and (iv) integration of consumer-owned smart devices and technologies. Different non-linear controls, such as back-stepping control, feedback linearization, model predictive control, and sliding mode control are applied to control DERs, and their grid integration. Another control technique gaining application in the smart grid space is based on multi-agent systems (MAS) which provide autonomy, reactivity and proactivity. As speedy communication facilities, such as fiber-optics, microwave, GSM/GPRS, 4G/5G are becoming the integral parts of the functioning smart grid, the integration of MAS in smart grid applications is becoming simple and feasible. This lecture focuses on the measurement & control issues of the smart grid and how MAS can provide an efficient tool to address such issues. In addition, an overview of the related challenges and opportunities for energy efficient building operation and management with deployment experience in the US will be provided.

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