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IEEE Ottawa Section May 2020 Newsletter
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May 2020 Newsletter

Presented by the IEEE Ottawa Section Microwaves/Antennas/Propagation Society:

Transceiver Architectures for Beyond-5G: Challenges and R&D Opportunities, co-organized with SSC-S
Dr. Payam Heydari
University of California, Irvine

Date: Thursday, May 14 , 2020

Time: 12:00 PM - 1 PM

Location: Webinar

Registration: RVSP by visiting

Event Contact: Dr. Mohammad Madihian (


The ongoing super-linear growth of world’s population coupled with the worldwide access to internet and the general public’s tendency to use more bandwidth-intensive applications fuel the urgency to enhance wireless infrastructures so as to meet these demands. Consequently, the wireless R&D is headed towards the inception of "Beyond-5G" (e.g., 6G) technology.  This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of challenges and opportunities in designing beyond-5G transceiver architectures capable of achieving high data rates above and beyond 20 Gbps. 


Speaker Bio:
Payam Heydari received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Southern California in 2001. He is currently a Full Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Heydari's research covers the design of terahertz/millimeter-wave/RF and analog integrated circuits. He is the (co)-author of two books, one book chapter, and more than 150 journal and conference papers. 

Dr. Heydari is an AdCom member of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society. Dr. Heydari currently serves an Associate Editor for the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits and the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Letters. He was a member of the Technical Program Committee of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). Dr. Heydari is an IEEE Fellow for contributions to silicon-based millimeter-wave integrated circuits and systems.


                Event is free, but space is limited.  All participants must register in advance. For registration, please use the following link

Presented by the IEEE Canada:


Suzanne Grant

Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance

Date: Thursday, May 21, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: Online


Event Information

Event Contact: Kexing Liu (

Topic: #TechnologyNorth - the gold standard
Suzanne envisions a world where a Made in Canada #TechnologyNorth seal is the global gold standard of quality, synonymous with leather shoes Made in Italy, grapes harvested in Champagne, and autos designed and manufactured in Germany. Canada's world class innovators have delivered excellence decade over decade. Without adequate support of the sector through COVID19, this vision may be a non-starter. During economic difficulties Canada has traditionally bailed out traditional auto and airline industries, and innovative technologies like the AVRO Arrow, Nortel, Research In Motion, Cognos and aspiring young companies were orphaned. By failing to protect our  innovators, Canada traded in future traction of Canada's valuable intellectual property. America, Europe and the Middle East hungry to prosper from our bargain IP and talent came out the winners. Each downturn has taken at least a decade for technology to reinvent itself and rebound. 

We have a track record of great beginnings and a more mature Canada can weather the storms and aim for bigger commercial finish lines, where prosperity and job abundance translate to big returns. Before COVID19 struck, we were hitting our stride with record venture investments and sought after talent from leading education institutions. Canada's Innovation Agenda demonstrated a maturing future view aiming to lead. This is no time to retreat! The government has invested on behalf of Canadians and accountable for a $36B year over year injection into innovation via universities and commercialization. This investment is at risk. Toronto was the fastest growing tech hub in North America with ICT and advanced technologies outpacing job and economic growth rates by almost twice the national average. As we look beyond COVID19, our technology sector, adequately supported through this crisis, can be the catalyst to jump start Canada's future economy. With a troubled oil and gas sector, Canada will need agile, fast movers doing the heavy lifting to fund our social, health and education programs and rebuild the nation's balance sheet. 

And as we get back to shipping products and services, a more sophisticated approach to sales, branding, advocacy and public relations, layered with Canada's science, technology, engineering and maths genius can place Canada out in front in multiple lanes. The digitization revolution just got a bump up and opportunities and demand will remain for trillion dollar market frontiers. Data, Internet of things and machine learning are golden.  Demand for artificial intelligence, environmental, medical and space solutions will continue to accelerate. Winning the future will take more collaboration, agility, commercial savvy and embracing diverse talent sets and creativity. We've got this Canada! 

About The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance(CATA):
CATA is a trusted industry alliance with a mandate to help Canadian innovation thrive. They focus on commercial capabilities and market access for Canadian HQ small and medium technology businesses. The alliance brings together industry thought leaders with academe and policy makers to advocate for Canadian competitiveness. CATA amplifies a bold, confident podium culture amongst Canadian innovators. CATA recently proposed $3.6B in COVID emergency relief - the Resilience and Rebound Fund for tech small and medium companies.
CATA is home to the National Innovation Leadership Council, and a joint body with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police - the CACP/CATA E-Crimes Cyber Council. CATA is launching a President's Council this Fall.

Presented by the IEEE Ottawa Section Young Professionals Affinity Group:

Clarifying the Path to becoming a Professional Engineer

Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Location: Online

Registration: RVSP by visiting

Event Information:

Event Contact: Joao Nizer (

In this time of social distancing, we are pleased to announce that all the team members of IEEE YP and WIE Ottawa Sections are fully committed to providing online interaction and support to our community! In partnership with Professional Engineers Ontario, we present an online talk in "Clarifying the Path to Becoming a Professional Engineer."

If you are an engineering undergraduate or post-graduate student, or a recent graduate starting out your engineering career, then this seminar might be for you. In it you will learn:

  • What is PEO?
  • What engineering experience is PEO looking for once I graduate?
  • I have international engineering education and experience; how is that evaluated by PEO?
  • What is the EIT Program and the Student Membership Program?
  • How is my engineering experience evaluated by PEO?
  • How do I prepare my Experience Record?
  • What is the PPE?
  • What is the EIT Program and the Student Membership Program?
 The emphasis of this webinar will be on the P. Eng. licensure process - what PEO is looking for. The webinar will focus on how engineering experience is evaluated and how you can facilitate the process. Learn the dos and don’ts of preparing your licensing application for evaluation.

To participate, you will require: internet connection to view the webinar, phone access to dial into the conference for audio.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Presented by the Ottawa Section Women in Engineering Affinity Group:

Online Talk: AI in Modern Power and Energy Systems (Part II)

Mostafa Farrokhabadi

Senior Director of Technology

Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: The link with the login details will be sent in a separate email prior to the event

Registration: RSVP via

Event Information

Event Contact: IEEE WIE Ottawa (

This seminar discusses the use of AI in modern power and energy systems, in particular electrical distribution networks.

Driven by global environmental emission issues and tighter requirements for system resilience and reliability, electricity production is shifting from a centralized paradigm to a decentralized one. In this context, renewable energy sources (RES) and electric vehicles (EVs) have proliferated over the past decade, exhibiting a steadily increasing trend. Thus, today, a large number of wind turbines,
photovoltaic (PV) panels, and EVs are connected to medium- (1-69 kV) and low-voltage (=1 kV) grids, with traditional integrated bulk power systems becoming decentralized in the presence of active distribution networks, where the flow of power is bidirectional between generators
and "prosumers". Such systems are typified by a high penetration of metering infrastructures, generating a large volume of data, providing the opportunity to harness the power of big data using data-driven techniques.

This seminar discusses the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in modern power and energy systems, in particular electrical distribution networks. Real-world examples of the use of AI for energy storage systems optimization and control will be provided and discussed.

Key Focus
  • What are modern power systems control and optimization issues?
  • How data-driven techniques can help?
  • What is the state-of-the-art?
  • What is the path forward?
  • Admission is FREE! Everyone is welcome! Registration is required!

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Mostafa Farrokhabadi is the Senior Director of Technology at BluWave-ai. Concurrently, he serves as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. He has more than 8 years of experience in designing mission critical grid solutions for industry and academia, including technical leadership of a $6M international consortium in electric grid modernization, and smart grids projects with Hatch and Canadian Solar. Mostafa has (co)authored several articles in high-impact journals, conference proceedings, and magazines, and holds patents on intelligent control and optimization of renewable-penetrated grids.

Mostafa has also led the award-winning IEEE Power and Energy Society Task Force on microgrid stability, an international coalition of 21 researchers from 14 institutions investigating stability issues in microgrids. Mostafa obtained his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo. He has also studied and performed research in Sweden at KTH and Germany at KIT. During the course of his career, Mostafa has received multiple business, research, and teaching awards, including the prestigious University of Waterloo Doctoral Thesis Completion Award and Ottawa's Forty Under 40.

Presented by the Ottawa Section Photonics Society:

Photonics North 2020

Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 - Thursday, May 28, 2020

Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM each day

Location: on Zoom

Event Information & Registration:

Event Contact: Kexing Liu (

On behalf of the conference organizing committee, we invite you to the virtual Photonics North Conference on May 26-28, 2020.

In the midst of a global crisis, we look forward to meeting with all of you, our colleagues, as we carry on with the work of advancing optical science and engineering. Join us for outstanding plenary talks from inspirational thought leaders. Join us for the very best work from respected and established researchers. Join us for talks from emerging researchers, presenting what is surely the opening work of brilliant, burgeoning careers. 

Photonics and optics are finally seeing widespread adoption and significant growth into new markets.  Photonic devices are being applied to sensing, communications, and even quantum computing. High speed fiber optics and highly integrated subsystems are essential to the rollout of 5G systems. There has never been a better time for research, development, and training in photonics and Photonics North is essential for developing and promoting the ecosystem.

Conference Chairs

Gord Harling
President and CEO, CMC Microsystems

P. Scott Carney
The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester​

Presented by the Ottawa Section:

Cancellation of ORC due to COVID-19

We hope you and your families are all
well. Over the past month, we have been assessing the interest and feasibility of alternative solutions to host the Ottawa Robotics Competition(ORC) this year, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

After much consideration, we are sad to
announce we are cancelling this year’s competition for the first time in ORC’s 17-year history. While our mission is to expose students to STEM, the health and safety of our participants, teachers, attendees, and volunteers is our number one priority, especially in these uncertain times.

With that said, we want to continue exposing Ottawa area students to STEM. If you are interested in delivering a virtual lecture, tutorial (or several), or sharing a STEM-related project to elementary and high school students, please contact us at

Stay safe, keep practicing physical distancing, and wash your hands regularly! We hope to see you all next year!

Kelly Xu
Chair, IEEE Ottawa Robotics Competition

Public Health Resources
Ottawa Public Health –
Government of Ontario –
Quebec Government –
Public Health Agency of Canada –
Mental Health Resources
Distress Centre Ottawa -
Wellness Together Canada -
Kids Help Phone -

Presented by the Ottawa Section Women in Engineering Affinity Group:

IEEE WIE Ottawa: Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars!

During this time of crisis, IEEE WIE Ottawa as a team strives to
continue providing high quality educational and networking support. It's
time for social distancing but
we want to remind everyone that we all are there for each other. Take a
breath, this too shall pass. Stay tuned for IEEE WIE Ottawa's upcoming
webinars and online meetings!


Presented by the Ottawa Section:

2020 ICF Scholarship Awarded to Carleton and uOttawa Student Branch Members

We are pleased to announce that Aashna Narang from the IEEE Carleton University Student Branch and Robert Conrad from the IEEE University of Ottawa Student Branch have received this year's IEEE Canadian Foundation(ICF) Scholarship.

This is an annual scholarship aimed at recognizing undergraduate students who have demonstrated stellar commitment to the IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre and related IEEE activities.


Presented by the Ottawa Section Women in Engineering Affinity Group:

IEEE WIE Ottawa Team Member Selected to Serve as an Ambassador for IEEEXtreme 14.0 Competition for the Ottawa Region

With immense pride, IEEE WIE Ottawa is happy to announce a great achievement of our webmaster, Ragunath Anbarasu, who has has been selected as a Section lead for IEEEXtreme 14.0. IEEEXtreme is an annual hackathon and competitive programming challenge in which
teams of IEEE Student members, often supported by an IEEE Student
Branch and proctored by an IEEE member, compete in 24 hours against each other to solve a set of programming problems.

Let’s take a glimpse of tasks Ragunath will take up as a Student
Ambassador. In this event,  Ragunath will be reaching out to Colleges,
Universities, IEEE Student Branches, and IEEE Student & Professional
Members to take part in the IEEEXtreme Programming Competition.
He will be coordinating with the organizers in hosting the IEEEXtreme
Programming Competition in their respective student branches and
supporting Non-IEEE Student Branch Members in finding a suitable venue
for participation. He will be extending his help to students looking for support and guidance with information related to
IEEEXtreme and connect them to a professional member.

This is an honoured moment where we have moved a step closer to connect to the students in the Ottawa region. It’s the moment of glory for the IEEE WIE Ottawa team, a great example where we see that our talented volunteers are always heading up and don’t miss any
chance to add those feathers on their hats.


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