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IEEE Ottawa Section August 2019 Newsletter
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August 2019 Newsletter

Presented by the Ottawa Section Women in Engineering Affinity Group:

IEEE WIE Ottawa volunteering for IEEE Fusion 2019! 

This year, IEEE WIE Ottawa got a chance to volunteer and walk through the international conference on information Fusion which was held in Shaw Center from 2nd July to 5th July. This conference, in a literal sense, creates a Fusion between academia and industry. It brings together people from different domains of technology for these three days to discuss and share knowledge on foundational, technological, and application-focused innovations in the sensor, data, information and knowledge fusion scientific domains. The conference focused on advancing the employment of multidisciplinary and innovative methods for solving the challenges in data and information Fusion.

The IEEE WIE Ottawa team was actively volunteering in the event. The event had some special sessions on interesting topics. Some examples to mention are-assessing the impact of AI and machine learning technologies, information fusion in multi-biometrics and forensics, multisensor data fusion algorithm for industry and the list continues.
Presented by the Ottawa Section Women in Engineering Affinity Group:

More IEEE WIE Ottawa News!

One of the distinguished seminars by IEEE WIE Ottawa chapter has been a talk on GNSS Antennas for autonomous vehicles by Julien Hautcoeur from Tallysman Wireless. The focus of this session was on the importance of GNSS antenna for accurate positioning and the challenges faced for selecting the appropriate antenna for a diverse range of autonomous vehicles. Julien covered optically transparent antenna systems for telecommunications.

This was a basic head-start session for what one needs to know about GNSS antennas and the speaker made full attempts to try to keep it simple and understandable for the audience. Many attendees felt the good visualization, and animation helped to clear a  lot of concepts. Hope we can help more to keep you updated with technology! Keep following up for more such interesting and informative sessions.

Presented by the Ottawa Section Women in Engineering Affinity Group:

IEEE WIE Ottawa experience the IEEE Ottawa annual picnic BBQ!

Counting on to the fun events for a better chance to know each other, IEEE Ottawa annual picnic BBQ, was organized on July 18th, in Andrew Haydon Park. It always provides a great opportunity for networking. There were members from the IEEE Ottawa chapter, student chapters and executives of different affinity groups. You get a chance to introduce yourself and know what the other members do in their professional work. Food and fun activities enable you to connect better.

Representatives of Professional Engineers Ontario were also present. Our volunteers who represented IEEE WIE Ottawa were happy to get the chance to clear their doubts regarding P.Eng designation and exams.

2019 Women in IT Summit & Awards

The Women in IT Summit & Awards series is coming to Canada for the first time, as the pursuit to honour exemplary and innovative women in the tech industry continues. The event will be brought to you by Information Age and will aim to shine a light on deserving women across 15 categories. The nominees will be recognized for excellence in technology and advocating diversity in tech at the awards gala dinner on November 21st 2019 in Toronto.

Check the nomination guidelines and nominate yourself or your work colleague for any of the awards by the 30th August 2019:

ANCWT is pleased to be collaborating with Women in IT Award as Media Partner:

Section Chapter(Joint TEMS, PCS, & SSIT) Leadership Opportunity

The IEEE Ottawa Section is seeking an IEEE member to volunteer as Chair of the Joint Chapter of the Technical Management Council, Professional Communications Society, and Society on Social Implications of Technology (TEMS, PCS, & SSIT). Chapter Chairs are an important part of the grassroots of IEEE leadership and this is a great opportunity to contribute to the profession  and society and at the same time develop networking and management skills. 

The Chapter Chair's responsibilities include:

  • Plan for several technical meetings in advance - these can be on any topic related to TEMS, PCS or SSIT. The meeting can include workshops or similar events. 
  • Determine goals for the year
  • Delegate assignments to Chapter Committee Officers
  • Participate in monthly ExCom meetings as voting members


If you are interested, please email for more details.


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