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Senior Membership Committee - Ottawa


Welcome to the Senior Membership Ottawa site

Please contact Raed Abdullah, Ottawa Section Chair
Did you know?
The Ottawa Section has 3 members who joined IEEE in 1945! 65 years of continuous membership! Also, 64 members have 50+ years of membership. 


So you want to become a Senior Member?

Below is a short process to help you out:
  1. Check the requirements: IEEE Bylaws I-105.3 sets forth the criteria for elevation to Senior Member grade, as follows: "… a candidate shall be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive or originator in IEEE-designated fields.  The candidate shall have been in professional practice for at least ten years (Ed: a PhD is equivalent to 5 years, or an MS to four years, or a BS to three years) and shall have shown significant performance over a period of at least five of those years." See full requirements from the IEEE website.
  2. Once you have established that you meet the requirements, you need to
  3. If you need help with finding references or would like a nomination through the Section (or both), send email to: - Please attach your most recent resume or curriculum vita to the email. A Section nomination counts for a reference and hence reduces the requirement to only two (2) more references from other members.  
  4. The Senior Membership Committee Chair will review your resume/cv and send you a response outlining the next steps.
Now what?
You can check the status of your application at: 
  • It make take a few weeks before it is posted online.Same for references submitted.
  • If you were nominated through the Section, the SM Committee Chair will periodically check on your status and keep you informed on the progress, as much as possible.

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