13th Annual WIE Wine and Cheese @ Canadian Museum of Nature
Apr 1 @ 19:00 – 23:15

IEEE WIE (Women in Engineering) uOttawa is pleased to officially announce the 13th Annual Edition of Wine & Cheese, the largest networking event in EECS.

Wine & Cheese provides an opportunity for students in engineering to expand their network and spark valuable discussions in a low-pressure environment with experts, professionals, faculty, and fellow students in their interested career fields and create lasting bonds for years to come.

Make sure to secure your spot by purchasing tickets at the IEEE office (SITE 4026)

(Tickets can also be bought online via


IEEE WIE uOttawa a le plaisir d’annoncer officiellement la 13ème édition annuelle de Wine & Cheese, le plus grand événement de réseautage en SIGÉ.

Wine & Cheese offre aux étudiantes en génie l’occasion d’élargir leur réseau et de susciter des discussions intéressantes dans un environnement décontracté avec des experts, des professionnels, des professeurs et d’autres étudiantes dans leur domaine d’intérêt et de créer des liens durables pour les années à venir.

Assurez-vous de réserver votre place en achetant des billets au bureau de l’IEEE à EITI 4026.


IEEE I2MTC 2022 @ Ottawa, Canada
May 16 @ 00:00 – May 19 @ 23:45

The IEEE International Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC )2022
will be held in Ottawa, Canada on May 16-19, 2022.

The IEEE I2MTC is the flagship conference of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society and is dedicated to advances in measurement methodologies, measurement systems, instrumentation and sensors in all areas of science and technology. These features make I2MTC a unique event and one of the most important conferences in the field of instrumentation and measurement.

Career Fair Event – Spectrum Power Systems @ Carleton University - ME4124
Jun 10 @ 12:00 – 13:30

The IEEE OS Affinity Group – YP (formerly GOLD) – Young Professionals is hosting a hybrid event career fair with Spectrum Power Systems.  Event website and registration can be found at:

Spectrum Power Systems is an independent sales organization representing several manufacturers in the Electrical Power Quality and Distribution sector, specializing in Commercial and Industrial Construction Projects and Data Centers.
Join us in this in-person session with Engineer Milad Tannous to learn more about the activities of Spectrum Power Systems.

PELS Seminar – Control Loop Analysis and Design for Switching Power Supplies
Jun 15 @ 12:00 – 13:00

The IEEE Reliability Society & Power Electronics Society Ottawa and   Power Electronics Society Montreal are  inviting all interested IEEE members and prospective members to a webinar

Control Loop Analysis and Design for Switching Power Supplies


By Christophe Basso

DATE:        June 15 2022

TIME:        12 PM


Fundamentals of linear and switched-mode power supply design including the topics of Power Conversion Mechanisms, Switching Cells and Control Schemes, The Buck, The Boost, The Buck-Boost, Introduction to Control Loop Design, EMI Filter Interaction and an Introduction to Simulation will be presented.


Speakers’ Bio

Christophe Basso is a Business Development Manager at Future Electronics in Toulouse, France. Previously, at ON Semiconductor, he led an application team dedicated to developing new offline PWM controller’s specifications. He has originated numerous integrated circuits among which the NCP120X series has set new standards for low standby power converters.

Christophe has three books for control “Designing Control Loops for Linear and Switching Power Supplies: a Tutorial Guide”, “Linear Circuits Transfer Functions: An Introduction to Fast Analytical Techniques” and “Transfer Function of Switching Conveters”. He holds 25 patents on power conversion and regularly teaches in IEEE-sponsored conferences like APEC in the US.

Christophe has over 20 years of power supply industry experience. Prior to joining Future Electronics in 2021, Christophe was a Technical Fellow at On Semiconductor and an application engineer at Motorola Semiconductor in Toulouse. Before 1997, he worked at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France, for 10 years. He holds a BSEE equivalent from the Montpellier University (France) and a MSEE from the Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse (France). He is an IEEE Senior member.


Admission:  Free.

Please register at:

General Fusion – Canada’s Unique Approach to Abundant Clean Energy through Nuclear Fusion @ Virtual Webinar
Jun 16 @ 12:00 – 13:30

This webinar will introduce the technology and development plans of Canada’s General Fusion Inc., which is pursing power generation through nuclear fusion.  Hosted by the IEEE OS Afficinity Group – Life Members.

Register for the event at:

General Fusion ( is a Burnaby, British Columbia company that has embraced a novel approach to producing nuclear fusion energy through Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF). MTF avoids the need for expensive high-power lasers or large superconducting magnets. Promising results to date place General Fusion on track to commercialize its technology later this decade, leading to the deployment of fusion energy power plants. The company plans to enter global energy markets in the 2030s at a price competitive with fossil fuels. 

Also underway in the UK is the Fusion Demonstration Plant (FDP) which has been designed to demonstrate General Fusion’s MTF technology, creating fusion conditions in a power-plant-relevant environment. With support from investors across the globe, the FDP will become the world’s largest and most capable prototype for a Magnetized Target Fusion power plant – a prototype intended to demonstrate a massive step forward in practical fusion energy. Watch this Vimeo video to learn more:

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