Workshop: Lumerical: an industry-standard photonics simulation software @ AP340, Carleton University
Mar 23 @ 13:00 – 16:00

Proudly presented by the IEEE Women-in-Engineering Ottawa Chapter and Carleton University SPIE Student Chapter

Learn to use the industry-standard photonic simulation software from Lumerical

Date: Friday, March 23, 2018

Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Location: AP340 (Carleton University)

Registration: Please email to register

Networking: Lunch at 11:30 (FREE with SPIE membership, or $15)

Topics: basics, optimizing your simulation, scripting, Q&A session

Seminar: Fundamentals and Advances in Power Integrity Modeling and Analysis Methods @ Fidus Systems Inc.
Apr 17 @ 17:00 – 19:00

Speaker : Dr. Ihsan Erdin, Celestica, Ottawa

Topic : Fundamentals and Advances in Power Integrity Modeling and Analysis Methods

Parking : Free

Registration: Free, and is on a first to reply basis. Preference given to IEEE EMC/MTT/AP/CPMT society members. Seating is limited. E-mail Reservation is required. Pizza and soft drinks will be served.

Organizer: Dr. Syed Bokhari, Chairman, IEEE Ottawa EMC chapter
Office :(613) 595 – 0507 Ext. 377, Cell: (613) 355 – 6632

Dr. Qingsheng Zeng , Chairman of the IEEE Ottawa MTT/AP Chapters



For multicore processors with current loads exceeding 100 A, the power noise is not only a growing electromagnetic interference (EMI) concern, but also a potential logic problem in high-speed printed circuit designs. Depending on the type of application, on-board or on-package local decoupling capacitors are the most commonly used components to mitigate this problem. The board/package real-estate concerns, however, impede the haphazard placement of these components and makes imperative the use of optimization methods for their most effective placement and selection. The computation of power noise in high-speed designs lies at the core of all optimization techniques. For decades, the computation methods that rely on lumped circuit theory have been very popular as quick and dirty analysis tools. At today’s circuit speeds, however, they are too simplistic for accurate results. Numerical electromagnetic analysis tools are arguably the reliable alternatives but they are computationally too intensive for repetitive analysis. Semi-analytic algorithms based on planar circuit theory will be discussed as a balance between these two extreme cases. Accuracy and performance comparison with state-of-the art tools will be provided. The practical implications of these methods will be discussed with application to real-life scenarios. {us}


Ihsan Erdin received the M. Sc. degree from Middle East Tech. U, Ankara, Turkey in 1993 and the Ph.D. degree from Carleton University in 2001, both in electrical engineering. From 1995 to 1996, he was a research fellow at DRDC Ottawa. From 2000 to 2007, he worked as an SI/PI engineer at Nortel in the Passport Project. Since 2007, he has been working in the same job function at Celestica Engineering Design Services in Ottawa. He is an adjunct faculty member with the Electronics Department of Carleton University since 2007. Dr. Erdin is a member of the Professional Engineers Ontario and a senior member of IEEE. He also serves as a member of Signal and Power Integrity Technical Committee (TC-10) of EMC Society. His research interests are analytical methods in electromagnetics as applied to printed and integrated circuit structures.

Workshop: Object Oriented Programming 101 @ Carleton University, Mackenzie Building 4359
Apr 21 @ 09:00 – 16:00

This workshop is all about the basics of object oriented programming!

We will cover the fundamental concepts of object oriented programming
design from the definition of Objects and classes to object
relationships and associations and class inheritance. Hands-on
application of these concepts will be done in java to create a bounding
ball program.

Lunch will be provided!

Seminar: FPGA-based Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing for Smart Grid and Electric Motor Drive Applications @ Algonquin College, T-Building, Room T129
Apr 26 @ 18:00 – 20:00

By Sébastien Cense and François Berthelot, OPAL-RT Technologies


This presentation will highlight OPAL-RT’s latest FPGA-based electrical hardware solver for
real-time simulation of high-frequency grid and drive converters, for smart grid and electric motor drive
applications. As the development of FPGA-based systems is typically for advanced users, OPAL-RT’s
solution is oriented towards non-flashing technology using a generic and optimized approach to solve
power electronics circuit for these applications. As motor controller’s algorithms become more complex,
so do tests and development of new control strategies. This presentation will also highlight the latest
developments of OPAL-RT efforts to work efficiently with these new challenges and to improve time to
market of grid converters and electric motor drive systems. OPAL-RT turnkey system for ECU testing
and rapid motor prototyping is in line with this philosophy as the user interface allows easy modification
of motor or drive topology without requiring knowledge in FPGA or reprogramming the FPGA. The
objective of this approach is to enable hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing with submicrosecond time

Speaker Biographies

Sébastien Cense – eFPGASIM Team Leader
Sebastien Cense received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in micro electronics from the ISEN Engineering
School in Lille, France in 2010. His final paper on FPGA embedded command of polyphase motor using
space vector algorithm was conducted at the Arts et Metiers Paris Tech in collaboration with OPAL-RT.
He joined OPAL-RT in October 2010 where he has been engaged in developing FPGA application
solutions such as rapid control prototyping and on-board motor simulation. Sebastien also contributed
to a number of technical presentations.

François Berthelot – Business Unit Manager – Eastern North America
François Berthelot received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from the École Polytechnique de
Montréal, Canada in 2008. He received his post-graduate diploma in electrical engineering from the
École de technologie supérieure (ETS) de Montréal, Canada in 2013. His final project was related to
FPGA motor model integration with controller in the loop. He joined OPAL-RT in 2008 and has been
involved in worldwide technical support, R&D and sales activities for the last 10 years with the

Lecture: Shielded Enclosure Metrics @ Fidus Systems Inc.
May 16 @ 17:00 – 19:00

Speaker : Prof. Andy Marvin, University of York, UK

Topic : Shielded Enclosure Metrics


Parking : Free

Registration: Free, and is on a first to reply basis.
Preference given to IEEE EMC/MTT/AP/CPMT society members.
Seating is limited. E-mail Reservation is required.
Pizza and soft drinks will be served.


Dr. Syed Bokhari, Chairman, IEEE Ottawa EMC chapter,
Office :(613) 595 – 0507 Ext. 377, Cell: (613) 355 – 6632

Dr. Qingsheng Zeng , Chairman of the IEEE Ottawa MTT/AP Chapters

Professor Q.J. Zhang, Chairman of the IEEE Ottawa CPMT chapter


The lecture describes the author’s research over the past decade investigating better ways
of defining and assessing the shielding performance of equipment enclosures. The definition
of enclosure Shielding Effectiveness and its limitations are reviewed.
Then recent research on the use of surrogate contents to replicate real electronic enclosure
contents is described leading to alternative definitions of enclosure shielding performance.
Latterly, the work has concentrated on shielding of equipment enclosures in the microwave
frequency range. Measurement techniques exploiting the reverberant nature of the enclosures
are described.
The work has contributed to the recently released IEEE Std 299.1 on the measurement of equipment
enclosure shielding. The HUAWEI Corporation has sponsored the research since 2014.


Andy Marvin is Professor Emeritus in the University of York’s Department of Electronic Engineering.
He received his BEng, MEng and PhD degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the
University of Sheffield between 1972 and 1979. From 1977 to 1979 he was with the British
Aircraft Corporation at Filton, Bristol, UK working on antenna design and EMC.

He was appointed to a Lectureship in Electronics at the University of York in the UK in
1979 and promoted to Professor of Applied Electromagnetics in 1995. He retired in December
2017 and was appointed as Professor Emeritus in February 2018.

He was appointed as Technical Director of York EMC Services at its founding in 1995.
He resigned his directorship when the company was acquired by Eurofins in June 2017.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and an IEEE Life Fellow.

He was Vice-Chairman of the IEEE Std-299 Working Group on Shielding Effectiveness Measurement,
and is currently Vice-Chairman of the IEEE EMC Society Standards Advisory and Co-ordination
Committee. From 1994 to 2015 he was an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on EMC.

He was a member of the UK National Measurement System Advisory Panels on Innovation Research
and Development and Materials and Modelling from 2008 to 2015. He has contributed lectures on
Antennas and on Shielding to the IEEE EMCS Global University and Chaired its Faculty in 2010.

His main research interests are EMC measurement and modelling techniques, EMC antennas and
electromagnetic shielding measurement and modelling. To date, starting in 1976, he is author
over 300 papers. In 1992, he and Dr Stuart Porter invented the Bilog EMC measurement antenna.

He is a founder member of the International Steering Committee of EMC Europe conferences,
Conference Chair of EMC Europe 2011 (York) and Chair of the EMC Europe International Steering
Committee for 2015 – 2018. He was President of the York Society of Engineers (2014/16) and
is Chief Flying Instructor at the York Gliding Centre.



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