Storms in the World of Safety-Critical Software Development

2021-04-21 @ 19:00 – 21:00
Bhagvat Joshi

This is a joint event from the IEEE Ottawa Section Consultants Network (AICN) and IET Ottawa. The even is open to all and there is no charge to attend. Pre-registration is mandatory as spaces are limited.


Synopsis: We are becoming increasingly reliant on the software embedded in safety-critical medical devices, industrial robots, railway signalling systems, (semi-)autonomous cars, aircraft control systems and soft-drink dispensers (sic!). Producing and verifying these systems is a specialised form of software development and this type of development is currently facing rapidly-changing challenges. In this talk, Chris will outline some of these challenges, including the Safety of the Intended Functionality, the relationship between security and safety, and our exposure to intellectual debt. Although these problems are a long way from being solved, Chris will describe one approach that may become our place of refuge from the storm.


Speaker: Chris Hobbs

Software Safety Specialist – Blackberry QNX

Chris Hobbs works for BlackBerry QNX as a programmer and system designer, specializing in the area of Safety-Critical development. His work includes both helping in the safety certification of QNX’s products and working as a consultant with QNX’s customers, helping them develop safe systems. He has over 50 years of programming experience, most recently in C, Python and Ada, and he is the author of several books including Embedded Software Development for Safety-Critical Systems (second edition). In his spare time Chris sings Schubert Lieder and is a keen pilot.

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