General Fusion – Canada’s Unique Approach to Abundant Clean Energy through Nuclear Fusion

2022-06-16 @ 12:00 – 13:30
Virtual Webinar
Wolfram Lunscher

This webinar will introduce the technology and development plans of Canada’s General Fusion Inc., which is pursing power generation through nuclear fusion.  Hosted by the IEEE OS Afficinity Group – Life Members.

Register for the event at:

General Fusion ( is a Burnaby, British Columbia company that has embraced a novel approach to producing nuclear fusion energy through Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF). MTF avoids the need for expensive high-power lasers or large superconducting magnets. Promising results to date place General Fusion on track to commercialize its technology later this decade, leading to the deployment of fusion energy power plants. The company plans to enter global energy markets in the 2030s at a price competitive with fossil fuels. 

Also underway in the UK is the Fusion Demonstration Plant (FDP) which has been designed to demonstrate General Fusion’s MTF technology, creating fusion conditions in a power-plant-relevant environment. With support from investors across the globe, the FDP will become the world’s largest and most capable prototype for a Magnetized Target Fusion power plant – a prototype intended to demonstrate a massive step forward in practical fusion energy. Watch this Vimeo video to learn more:

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