Speakers list

One of the best reasons to attend this workshop is the unprecedented gathering of physicians and physicists, pharmacists and engineers, researchers and developers, students and practitioners, professors and professionals - unprecedented not in size, but in substance.

Session 1

  • Wahab Almuhtadi (Chair, IEEE Ottawa Section)
  • Radu Leca (President, Biosign Technologies)
  • David Silver (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratories)
  • Voicu Groza (University of Ottawa, School of Information Technology and Engineering)

Session 2

  • George Mihalas (President, European Federation of Medical Informatics)
  • Khaled El Emam (Canada Research Chair in Electronic Health Information at the University of Ottawa) 
  • Radu Leca (President, Biosign Technologies)
  • Mary Hearn Hendela (Board of Directors, Bereaved Families of Ontario, Ottawa)

Session 3

  • Wayne K. Hindmarsh (Dean, University of Toronto, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy)
  • Phil Rosenberg (Past Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management)
  • Nancy Shadeed (Health Canada, Head, Regulatory and Scientific Information Section, Device Licensing Services Division, Medical Devices Bureau)
  • Marilyn Sue Bogner (President and Chief Scientist, Institute for the Study of Human Error)

Session 4

  • Robert Leitch (Health Canada, Marketed Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Bureau)
  • Barbara Harrison (Health Canada, Manager of the Medical Device Compliance Unit)
  • Adrian Chan (Carleton University)
  • Hilmi Dajani (University of Ottawa, SITE)
  • Farooq Azam (TELUS)
  • Radu Leca (Biosign Technologies)

We expect a highly diverse gathering of "field workers" willing to share their knowledge, expertise, and vision. While the main focus is on instrumentation and measurement issues pertinent to designing autonomous patient safety systems, queries are welcome into all related areas, especially into:

  • » the nature and causality of adverse responses to drugs, diets, exercises, and their interactions;
  • » objective methods for quantifying safety margins and uncertainties;
  • » the ways and means of advancing safety science and technology in the absence of experimental testing.

For details, please contact us.