Noninvasive Blood Pressure Measurements & Standardization Workshop 2007
"One Hundred Years Later: Are We Really Measuring Blood Pressure?"
February 2, 2007  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada









Ottawa is the National Capital of Canada. It is in the central part of Canada at the junction of the Ottawa, Rideau and Gatineau Rivers. The Ottawa Region, covering an area 4,662 square km (1,800 square miles) in size, is unique in its history, geography and lifestyle. It offers a wide variety of urban attractions: many of Canada's best museums and cultural facilities, as well as the Parliament Buildings and other historical structures and major institutions, are located in the Capital area. Ottawa has a population of about 1 million people.

Ottawa has been described as one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. Less than an hour's drive from the American border, Ottawa enjoys the attributes of a major center for the visual and performing arts, as well as other big city attractions.



Ottawa still maintains the accessibility, atmosphere and charm of a smaller city, in addition to access to spectacular park and wilderness areas located within and around the city. A large international airport serves the city with numerous domestic and international flights daily. Overseas access is quite easy, either by direct flight from London, or with connections through Toronto, Montreal, Newark, New York, Chicago, Detroit or Washington.

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