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Green Power and the Modern Grid


Mr. Jerry Ramie

Postdoctoral Fellow at Photonic Laboratory,

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Date     :   Friday January 14, 2011

Time     :   12:00 PM  to 14:00 PM

Location :   2nd floor conference room, Building 94 Communications Research Centre 3701 Carling Ave., Ottawa, K2H 8S2.


This talk is a general presentation on the Smart Grid.  It describes the seven attributes of the smart grid, presents the DOE's modern grid strategy and some typical architectures. It covers the choices in wired and wireless utility communications media that will be needed for deploying the Advanced Metering Infrastructure and presents Standards testing to address physical (including EMC) threats to the infrastructure.


http://www.emcs.org/acstrial/newsletters/fall10/art/JerryRamiePhoto.jpg Jerry is a 26 year veteran of the EMC, communications and power industries and has authored six books on substation EMC for the Electric Power Research Institute. (EPRI) He has published articles on grid modernization and sits on the EMC Committee of the American Radio Relay League, (ARRL) on the Board of Directors of the Santa Clara Valley EMC Society, is a voting member of the IEEE-P1775 committee on EMC in BPL installations, a member of the IEEE Standards Association, an iNARTE-certified EMC technician, Secretary of the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C63R on EMC and a Senior Member of the IEEE. He can be reached at jramie@arctechnical.com.