Personal Branding

 The IEEE Ottawa Section, IET Ottawa Local Network, IEEE Ottawa Consultants Network (AICN), Ottawa IEEE Young Professionals, and IEEE Engineers in Transition (EIT), and the Joint Chapter of the Technical Management Council, Professional Communications Society, and Society on Social Implications of Technology (TM, PCS, & SSIT), invite all interested IEEE, IET members and other engineers, technologists, and students to a workshop on:

Personal Branding


Tim Ragan

Owner/Principal – Career Coaching International

Successfully heldWednesday April 9, 2014 (Part I) and  7 May, 2014 (Part II)

Turnout:  43 (Part I) + 23 (Part II)

Presentation:  available upon request


Part 1: (9 April 2014) Know Yourself

We’re all wired a bit differently, and personal branding begins by understanding how you are wired and developing an accurate inventory of who you are and what you care about. Your own branding sweet spot lies at the intersection of your personal wiring, your interests, and your work and life experiences. Through a systematic probing of this intersection you can develop your authentic brand, choosing the words and phrases that best express your attributes, capabilities and work personality. This session will help you get career clarity while providing you a straightforward recipe for building your brand.

Part 2: (7 May) Speed Networking

As the second part of the (2 part) workshop you will learn how to effectively connect with people in an offline world. With our structured speed networking activity, you will have the opportunity to practice connecting and communicating your brand. We make sure to take the ‘scare factor’ out of the process, by providing some clear direction in a friendly environment to help get you started in your quest to connect your brand story to real people and get valuable feedback in the process.


Tim Ragan is the owner and principal of CCI and brings over 25 years of business management experience to CCI. Tim is passionate about “business done well”, and brings that passion to CCI, focusing on helping people discover their true calling and prosper in their chosen career directions. Tim has a B.Sc. (EE) from University of Alberta and an MBA from University of Ottawa, where as a part-time professor he teaches marketing, business process, and “business & society” courses at the Telfer School of Management.