Upcoming talks in March-May

We have several interesting talks coming up in March-May:

Evolution to LTE Advanced – a technology talk on 18 March highlighting coming changes in the world of mobile communications.  How is LTE (the defacto standard) evolving to meet ITU requirements for high mobile broadband data rates?  Where is the technology going in the next five years?  Find out here.

Personal Branding – a two-part talk the first of which is on 9 April.  What is your “personal brand” and how do you communicate it?  Student, young professional, industry pro, or seasoned consultant, there is something here for you.

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Healthcare and Medicine – on 30 April, a quick insight in to local research in one of the most promising fields for Big Data analytics.

Personal Branding – on 7 May, the second part of the Personal Branding event in which the lessons of the first part are applied in an exercise called “Speed Networking”.


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